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Fishing around southeast Iowa

March 26th, 2020    

Episode 012 Indian Creek Lure Co.and Big River Guns

Well, covid19 has waylaid the radio station as far as doing a live show for the time being. Prerecording from home will have to do.No fear!! Kyle Robinson from Indian Creek Lure company and Scott Lucas from Big River Guns lend a hand and an ear via telephone. 

February 22nd, 2020    

Episode 011 Ralph Duren Master impressionist of the forest.

The Rich Little of the woods as he is known in and around Festus, Missouri. Without the aide of anything, except his own vocal cords, Ralph has an endless amount of feathered and furred varmits he can imitate. Truly an amazing amount of talent. Check out his webpage

February 1st, 2020    

Episode 010 Nathan Brown debuts ,Bob Leeper inventor of Bait Caddy

Nathan Brown drops in to talk about catching a slab and a half through the Ice at Big Hollow last week. Turns out the channel cats bite was way hotter. Bob Leeper comes to us via the telephone with his take on the bait holding and transportation logistics market with his revolutionary creation the Bait Caddy .. and a hell of a discount if you use the promo code mentioned in the show. Check 'em out at

January 17th, 2020    

Episode 009 Blake Ray slab crappie ,Kyle Robinson central Iowa Ice talk ,Bait Caddy

Blake Ray joins the show to tell us about landing a huge 3lb 8 oz Crappie in open water in early January. Take a preliminary look at the Bait Caddy the perfect all seasons bait bucket. Kyle Robinson for Indian Creek Lure company in Marion Iowa checks in to let us know what's happening around the Cedar Rapids area.  

January 9th, 2020    

Billy Rub 100% all natural

Bill Fraser inventor and owner of Billy Rub, 100% natural fish attractant, lets us in on he came up with the idea and how he executed the groundwork to get his product on the market that is starting to catch fire with Minnesota anglers and gaining the reputation as the go-to applied attractant for putting fish in the live well. CHeck it out at

January 4th, 2020    

Episode 008 Goose Gutzman and Hard Water Crappie

Goose Gutzman is an ice enthusiast and what do you know, loves catching slabs to boot. Goose gives us some tips on finding and catching papermouths beneath the ice in central Minnesota.

January 3rd, 2020    

Episode 007 Tompkins Taxidermy , Legend Brian Klawitter.. and Lonnie needs hugs .

Wayne Tompkins of Tompkins Taxidermy sets in the show today to talk about all things outdoors and somethings not. Legendary Flathead guide Brian Klawitter gave me about an hour's worth of flathead conversation, so we whittled it down to 15. Don't worry you can hear it in its entirety right here on podbean. Finally, the only female on the staff thinks Lonnie is abused and needs hugs...  

January 1st, 2020    

Episode 006 Retired Minnesota Flathead guide Brian Klawitter ** Unedited Version**

Long-time friend and aquitance Brian Klawitter joins me this first day of 2020 to basically give the new home studio a test run and to also talk about Mississippi river flathead fishing... Supposed to be 20 minutes, ended up going an hour ... Imagine if Hamm's Beer and fried spam would have been involved. We talk habitat, baits, rigs, gear, and his polka dancing skils ..well polka dancing not so much 

December 27th, 2019    

Episode 005 Recreational marijuana and morel mushroom license

Captain Quinn Riess from the Muscatine County Sherriff's department drops in to talk about recreational marijuana and gun rights.Co-host Lonnie Ford purposes a morel mushroom license for Iowa 

December 20th, 2019    

Episode 004 Coralville lake rough fish management

Paul Sleeper, A biologist for the Iowa Dnr, drops by via phone to talk to us about rough fish collection methods on Coralville lake. JJ Patton gave me a list of the top 5 items a bass angler will want for the 2020 season 

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